Costa Rica | March 2004
name :: macarius bishoy brownfield

aged :: 29 years

born :: July 16th, 1981

home :: Whittier, CA, USA

mass :: 225 lbs

span :: 74" vertically

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Tiger Lullaby
resume | 2010
Macarius Brownfield
Systems Engineer
Pasadena, CA
Blackberry | 562-519-2983
[email protected]
[email protected]

[ Boeing Experience ]
Started: July 6th, 2007
Level: P1
Clearance level: Secret
Investigation type: NAC/LAC/Credit
Date: 11/25/08
Able to obtain SSBI.

KC-767A International Tanker | Wichita, KS | Jul 2009–Present [Cash Award]
Flight Test Systems Engineer: assisted on the final team for the Supplemental Type Certification (STC) from the FAA on the 767 GTTA Italian Tankers. Primary tasks: currntly, supporting Ground Ops, post-flight analysis: write flight test reports (FTR) and worksheets (FTWS), detailed test procedures (DTP), statements of compliance (SOC) for FAA Regulations (FAR), maintain metrics to present to management. Received Award for Leadership.

Future Combat Systems – C4ISR, ISR SE | Huntington Beach, CA | Jun–Jul 2009
Coordinated and maintained a project file of all ISR sensors, participated in Change Control Boards (TCCB and OCCB), Technical Interchange Meetings (TIM), Anomaly Reports (AR), performed interface and node data analysis.

Space Solar Power [SSP], IRAD Rapid Transport Systems | El Segundo, CA | Feb–Jul 2009
Also conducting research for technical fellow in support of Orbital mechanics, STK toolkit V.9.0.

Core Process Initiatives, Team 7 – KM Architecture | El Segundo, CA | Aug 2008–Present [Award]
Integral team member of CPI Team 7 supporting the development of 'as-is' system to help push the improve S&IS CMMI rating by utilizing good SE practice. Supported writing a formal ConOps defining the system boundaries for the proposed KM platform, defining the architecture, performing trade studies, analyzing Use Case metrics, and using Functional Decomposition to define the system needs and eventually write the requirements for the long-term solution. Received Award for Instruction.

Small-Scale Satellite Development (SSSD) | El Segundo, CA | Mar 2008–Jul 2009
Lead for spacecraft processor (SCP), realtime operating system (RTOS) software; systems engineering documents: concept of operations (ConOps) and trade studies; final integration of payload testbench; launch POC.

GPS IIF Program | El Segundo, CA | Aug 2008–Jun 2009 [Awards]
Electrical Power System (EPS) systems engineering verification, data analysis for PCU and SDAs on power regulation unit (PRE); GPS SV2 IIST SE; open-paper focal for all GPS IIF; reported metrics to production manager and space vehicle leads each morning, and maintained macroed workbook–currently the tool the GPS team uses to status work and prioritize WIP; requirements verification on the ADCS, TT&C, and EPS subsystems; monitored tests on Hi Bay floor; created "Lean" tool to cut EPS data analysis by weeks; requirements sell-off—requirement artifacts, VCNs, and RFRs; enabled Lean+ with creation of new “"pull-methodology" tool for the Electrical Engineering IPT. Clearance level: Secret. Received three awards: Leadership.

Core Process Initiatives, Team 2, SEIT Tools | El Segundo, CA | Apr–Oct 2008
Integral team member of the CPI Team 2 supporting Doug Bell's team with Doug Anders, Chief Engineer, on artifacts, tools, SEIT team RAAs, charters, organization, processes, etcetera; "hot-start" packages for new business/programs.

Space & Intelligence Systems | El Segundo, CA | May 2008
Assisted update of Test Procedures of System Configuration Document (SCD) for 702B satellite product-line.

C-17 Globemaster III Program | Long Beach, CA | Sep 2007–May 2008 [Award]
Analyzed Boeing T&E organization demographics, including skills, region, growth, attrition, college hires, etc. Assisted as an effective team member in the Flight/Ground Test team under Steve Rosenzweig for the C-17 program in Long Beach: test initiatives; instrumentation, research and test with new wireless transmitters/receivers (MicroStrain); wrote the test documents/procedures, and held meetings for SATCOM Antennae DRs; wrote the Requirements document, the Statement of Work, Trade Study analysis report, and conducted vendor research for the LRU Tracking System. Received Boeing Recognition.

TSAT, Risk Reduction Phase | El Segundo, CA | Jul–Aug 2007 [Cash Award]
Assisted in the effort to map MIL-STDs to Command Media in DOORS, and in creating a Superset of requirements. Supported the TSAT Space Segment D&P Proposal with publishing review. Received Cash Award.

KC-767A International Tanker Program | Wichita, KS | Nov 2007–Jan 2008 [Cash Award]
Assisted on the final team for the Supplemental Type Certification (STC) from the FAA on the 767 GTTA Italian Tankers. Primary tasks are to support Ground Operations, and post-flight analysis: write flight test reports (FTR) and worksheets (FTWS), detailed test procedures (DTP), statements of compliance (SOC) for FAA Regulations (FAR), maintain metrics to present to management. Received Award for Work Ethic.

Boeing ONE Teams
CubeSat SSDT OneSat-1 | El Segundo, CA | Feb 2008–Present
Electrical and power systems development, specifically on the SCP, EPS, SW, Systems Engineering: ConOps, trade studies, and design reviews, launch proposals, working with the launch vehicle provider: NASA, Orbital Sciences, SpaceX).

Near Space Test Bed (NSTB) | Huntington Beach, CA | Feb 2008–May 2008

[ Experience - external ]
Systems Design Engineer | Spinitar, La Mirada, CA | April 2007–June 2007
Designed fully integrated audio/visual multimedia presentation systems, generated and modified detailed equipment list and specifications, created wiring diagrams, architectural, schematic and other detail drawings using AutoCAD, edited all A/V Control System CAD drawings, installation documentation, and as-built drawings.

Helicopter Systems Electrician | EuroTech, Sondrio, Italy | Internship | Jul–Aug 2006
Performed black-box tests on instrument-panel devices for helicopters undergoing annual maintenance; also, rotor balancing, and vibration analysis.

[ Education ]
M.S. Space Systems Engineering, Spring 2010,
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

B.S. Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Double Major,
Computer Systems Emphasis, Graduated, Spring 2006,
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA

[Certifications & Training]
Systems Engineering Certificate, Winter 2009,
Project Management Certificate, Spring 2009,
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA

Space Systems Engineering Certificate, Spring 2009,
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

Spacecraft Design and System Engineering, Spring 2009,
University of California Los Angeles

Effective Communications & Human Relations, Spring 2009,
Dale Carnegie Training, Hauppauge, NY

[ Honorary Achievements ]
TBP - Tau Beta Pi | Member Since 2006
The Engineering Honor Society

HKN - Eta Kappa Nu | Member Since 2005
National Electrical and Computer Enginering Honor Society

Engineering Dean's List - Cal Poly Pomona

[ 3 Boeing Cash Awards ]
KC-767 GTTA International Tanker Program
Dec 2009, IDS

KC-767 GTTA International Tanker Program
Jan 2008, IDS

TSAT Space Segment D&P Proposal
Jul 2007, S&IS

[ 13 Boeing Performance/Achievement Awards ]
KC-767A Program–STC SOC Team
Nov 2009, IDS

GPS IIF–SV2 Pathfinder Gate 13 Preparation Team
May 2009, S&IS

GPS IIF–SV2 Open-paper Leadership Team
May 2009, S&IS

GPS IIF–SV2 Open-paper Metrics
May 2009, S&IS

BYCW Coordinator
May 2009, S&IS

Boeing BTEC Judge Evaluation Tool
Feb 2009, S&IS

Boeing, Engineering Week (E-week) Coordinator
Feb 2009, S&IS

Engineering Lean+ Evaluation Tool
Jan 2009, S&IS

Knowledge Management, Instructor
Dec 2008, S&IS

IDS Engineering Summit
Nov 2008, Charles Toups, Anaheim

Boeing, C-17–LRU Tracking System (LTS) Project SE
May 2008, IDS

DOORS–MIL-STD Superset of Req'ts
Aug 2007, S&IS

Finance–Full-scale Forecasting Model Engineering IAD
Jul 2007, S&IS

[ Relevant Coursework ]
Microprocessor-Based System Design (Intel/Motorola)
Motorola 68HC11 Microcontroller Design (Verilog HDL)
Advanced Microprocessors (graduate level, VHDL and Verilog)
Embedded Applications using Windows CE .NET
Software Engineering
Microelectronic Circuits
Semiconductor Devices
Control Systems
Instrumentation Systems
Digital Signal Processing
Analog/Digital Filter Design
Power Engineering

[ Senior Projects/Projects ]
M.O.M. | Fall 2002 - Spring 2003
M.O.M. is a an integrated array of sensors communicating via a Wi-Fi network to virtual stations, enhanced with differential GPS, sending real-time safety measurements to the fire chief: ambient heat, air composition, heart pulse, motion, etc.

CPU Design, Structural Verilog | Winter 2006
FPGA-based project using structural Verilog to create gate-level modules building up to the data path of the CPU.

Java GUI and RS-232 Controller Microprocessor Interfacing | Winter 2004
Five-button PCB controller via RS-232 interacts with Java-based GUI, Southpark Shootout.

Data Acquisition, Cal Poly Formula SAE Car | Spring 2003
Multi-channel data acquisition (DAQ) sensing strain, torsion, and moment on the chassis and A-arms.

Motorola 68000 Microcontroller | Winter 2003 Design, built and tested a microprocessor based on 68000 Motorola microcontroller chip, simulating a traffic controller.

Advanced Microprocessors: Graduate-level course; structural Verilog\VHDL

Microprocessor-Based System Design: Intel/Motorola

Motorola 68HC11 Microcontroller Design: Behavioral Verilog

Microprocessor Design: Spartan III using structural Verilog

[ Programming Experience ]
Verilog / VHDL, C / C++, Java, ASM, Fortran, Pascal, QBasic, DHTML, XHTML, Perl/PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, ActionScript, ASP, UNIX

[ Professional Associations ]
AIAA - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Since 2010
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Since 2002
NASA Tech Briefs, Since 2007
Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) - National Electrical and Computer Engineering Honor Society, Since 2005
Tau Beta Pi (TBP) - The Engineering Honor Society, Since 2006